All of us want to feel well and massage therapy, with a wide range of modalities, can help us accomplish that goal.  A massage therapist generally stretches and loosens muscles, connective tissue and joints.  The release of muscle tension improves blood flow to muscles and joints bringing awareness of how much better areas feel that had been cut off by chronic tension and pain.  Most often, the chronic tension and pain are reduced or eliminated to the point that people can now feel areas of their body that may have been numbed.

The body’s energy is unblocked and flowing enhancing the feeling good and feeling better awareness.  Massage Therapy impacts the body’s systems in specific ways.  The circulatory system involves, among other things, blood and lymph flow, blood supply and nutrition, including oxygen, to the body.  Massage therapy helps people recover from ongoing strenuous activity, whether from job or exercise.  Conversely, massage can also aid anyone who, because of injury, illness or age cannot exercise or are forced to remain inactive.

We all know what fatigue feels like…general all over fatigue, muscle fatigue and mental fatigue.  Massage therapy can be refreshing; reenergizing…a good anti-fatigue prescription that pumped up circulation can produce.

The central nervous system is affected by massage therapy in a tranquilizing, serenity producing way because massage therapy triggers the relaxation response and can release endorphins in the body, which are our body’s natural pain killers.  Also, the calming, qieting effect occurs when working the back, specifically around the spinal column, ground zero of the central nervous system.

Of course, the muscular system, mentioned earlier, is intensely affected by massage.  Each one of us has, what I call, an Achilles heel, the areas of the body which are most vulnerable to stress and accumulated muscle tension from overdoing, over use, long hours, job travel, poor posture, etc.

Where is your Achilles heel and how do these areas feel?  Is it your face, neck, and shoulders, back, legs, feet, arms?  No matter where you hurt, massage therapy can help.