How does massage improve your health and well-being?


“For years now, Renie Pugh has been contributing critical pain relief for my osteoporosis and arthritis pain. She is mature, very experienced and knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology. She also has the instinct and empathy, essential for healing, that can’t be taught. Last time, when she asked how I felt after my massage, I said “limp.” For me, having gone through decades of serious challenges, just walking into the room, anticipating the relief I have experienced in her kind, nurturing care, I begin to breathe more slowly. “Hope” has been rare for me. Each time Renie cares for me, I am able to connect with hope. If you want a true healing therapeutic massage, she’s the best.”


Renie Pugh has been my massage therapist for five years.  I was not new to massage when I began with Renie so I definitely had a basis of comparison. She is truly a gifted therapist.  In a typical session, she begins by spending time talking to me about how I am feeling so we can decide together what would be best for me on that day. After the massage, she talks with me again about my results. Over the years, I have gotten lasting improvement for a number of needs. Her massage may include deep muscle massage, lighter relaxation massage or hot stone massage.  The actual length of the massage is always a full hour.  She allows extra time at the beginning and end for us to talk. In addition to the skills she has developed through her training, she has a strong intuitive sense of what I need, often more than I do.  She tells me her hands just seem to know.  The atmosphere she creates in the massage room is lovely with quiet music, a trickling fountain and aromas of essential oils. I highly recommended her as the best massage therapist I have ever encountered.

– Cathy

I’ve been a very satisfied massage therapy client of Renie’s for several
years now.  During each session she always asks about my current condition
and we discuss a course of therapy for that session. With her wide range of expertise, my sessions may include different stretches as well as various massage techniques. What sets Renie apart from most other massage therapists I’ve used, is her attentiveness and genuine interest in improving my well being.

– Ken

Once a month I treat myself to one of Renies fabulous massages.  In the ten years I have known her not one massage was like the other.  Have you ever laid on hot stones on a cold night in October or November?  You have not lived until Renie gets her hands on you.  Only 5 feet short, she has magical hands, which can be oh so soothing or as powerful as you want”

God bless Renie!

– Elke

I first became acquainted with Rene Pugh in August of 1996 when we became co-workers at a day-spa. Our relationship started with exchanging services with one another and sharing our views on working with spa clients in a hands-on manner. Our relationship soon grew into a friendship with mutual admiration for each other’s expertise in our field. Rene is not only an exceptionally talented, educated massage therapist, but a caring, compassionate human being as well. She instills her genuine compassion into every treatment she administers leaving her clients with a feeling of physical and emotional well-being. I feel truly lucky to call Rene my massage therapist and friend.

– Diana

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