Many people talk of tired, achy, overused neglected feet. Stop for a minute and think about the many ways we all depend on our feet.  How many of us take our feet for granted?  Our feet and hands…if their functioning is compromised, it can change what we do and how we do it.  Reflexology is a very ancient healing art.  Its roots trace back thousands of years to the Egyptians.  There are approximately 7,200 nerve endings at the bottom of the feet.

The feet are the mirror of the body.  There are reflex points at the bottom of each foot which correspond to body organs, glands and body areas.  By working these reflex points, you work the body.  We call reflexology a “shadow massage”.

Reflexology stimulates the feet and the body, especially when you consider the fact that your feet support you.  They are covered and stuffed in cramped quarters all day and gravity weighs down on them.  Blood tends to pool and stagnates in the feet around the ankles.  Reflexology improves the circulation and allows blood to flow more freely.  It moves the stagnant blood bringing it back into the circulatory loop.  Reflexology helps reduce body tension all over.  Reflexology also unblocks blocked energy and brings balance to the body.  Reflexology is a great alternative for people who are challenged or uncomfortable with the idea of removing their clothes, which is done during a Swedish/Therapeutic massage session.  During reflexology, the clothes remain on. For those of us on our feet all day long, reflexology can be a therapeutic blessing.

Reflexology is also a great therapeutic value to diabetics who often have circulatory issues in the legs and feet.  For a small fee you may add a soothing aromatherapy foot bath prior to the reflexology session. Also available prior to the Reflexology session or any other session  is an Aromatherapy Foot Scrub Exfoliation with a deep moisturizing application. The result will be happier, healthier feet.