About BodyScapes by Rene


  • West Chester University B.A., Sociology
  • West Chester University  1 and 1/2 years Post-Graduated credits in Social Work
  • International School of Professional Bodywork, San Diego, California 1990
  • Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy, Oaks, PA 1998
  • Licensed to practice massage in Pa-License No MSG002416
  • 331 CECs (continuing education credits) certificates: Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Hot Stone Massage, On-site Chair Massage 
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Therapeutic Massage soothes tired, achy muscles, joint stiffness, relieves muscle tightness and muscle tension, increases flexibility, helps calm the mind and body……a few of the many benefits of Massage Therapy.
Deep Tissue Massage works out muscular and joint aches, pains, knots and spasms which are manifestations of stress and tension.  This muscle work is deeper than Swedish/Therapeutic massage facilitating more tension release and relief.
Hot Stone Massage brings the thermogenic benefits of heat to the body and muscle work as the hot stones melt away tension – get stoned naturally!
Pre-Natal and postpartum massage to ease the discomforts of pregnancy and the challenges of motherhood.
On site seated chair massage at your place of business, health fairs, corporate and small business events, including training events, reunions, parties or senior events.
Reflexology works the reflex points on the soles of the feet, reflexology is an excellent therapy for anyone.  Reflexology is an exceptionally helpful therapy to people who spend a lot of time on their feet. Reflexology is exceptionally therapeutic to people with circulatory issues such as diabetics who have neuropathy (nerve damage).  Reflexology, as with massage therapy, is a health enhancing modality.  Reflexology, gives the body what I call a “shadow massage” because each reflex point corresponds with different organs and glands in the body.  When you work each reflex point corresponds with different organs and glands in the body.  Put pep in your step with Reflexology.
Stretching complements massage therapy by moving, elongating, and lengthening contracted shortened muscle tissues.  Muscular range of motion exercises are part of this therapy.
Focus Massage is a deep tissue massage specifically targeting the back, neck, shoulders and derriere muscles.  It creates increased tightness and tension release. Targeting specific areas of the body has proven to be much more effective in reduction of tension and pain.

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 Gift Certificates for any Special Occasion are available…..birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, graduations, anniversaries, Mother’s / Father’s Day, as a thank you to an employee, boss or client.  Consider purchasing a massage therapy gift to a stressed out bride or groom, friends or family members.  
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