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Renie R Pugh
Massage Therapist

Licensed to practice massage in Pa-License No. MSG002416


Mission Statement

"To create a relaxing, comforting and caring environment to help and enhance my clients health and well being by listening and using a variety of bodywork modalities." 

Special packages for first time clients and other offers, please contact Rene for more information.

Gift certificates for any special occasion are available....birthdays,Christmas,Valentines Day, graduations anniversaries,Mothers /Fathers Day, as a thank you to an employee,boss or client and how about a massage therapy gift certificate to a stressed out bride or groom.

Gift certificates are especially thoughtful to give for no reason at all or to anyone dealing with a challenging health issue. A gift certificate given to a primary care giver who is carrying for an ill family member or friend is especially appreciated.


Massage Therapy has a rich history dating back thousands of yrs. with roots in various cultures such as China and Greece. The Eastern influences are steeped in old, traditional medicine from China and India yet healing traditions hail from Roman and Greek physicians, Egyptians such as reflexology and Shiatsu(acupressure).

Modern western massage known as Swedish Massage is the most common and best known modality here in the west. In most foreign countries,where the healing and therapeutic effects of massage have been respected and valued for many, many yrs., massage therapists, are part of the health care system. A dr. would write a prescription for multiple massages more readily than for a tranquilizer. Massage therapy was the the popular method of choice when it came to treating illness and disease.long before drugs came into existence. Prescribed massage sessions was a treatment protocol.

With the advent of Physical Therapy and the creation of drug therapy,Massage therapy took a back seat. In the 70's, a revival started and the movement picked up momentum in the 80's and 90's. Along with its growth and evolution, the term bodywork has emerged. There are many disciplines that work with the body structurally, with the body's energy, with movement and the manipulation of soft tissue. Multiple modalities are available and the term massage therapy does not cover them all. Bodywork is currently one of the most popular and most often used method for handling stress.

It is 100% natural, no artifical ingredients and no assembly or batteries required.